Japan is Unlike Any Other Country

Japan is a country which has a rich culture that combines old traditions from the past centuries with today’s incredible technology. Therefore, due to their unique place in both history and the present, it’s little wonder that Japanese life differs greatly from the one that we’re used to. In fact, sometimes, this country surprises us so much that we’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s from another planet.

The following 16 photos prove that Japan is unlike any other country.

1. Japanese Schools

Japanese schools don’t have cleaners. Instead, the students do the cleaning in order to show gratitude to the school and to become more productive members of society.

2. Bullet Train

This is how smooth the bullet train is in Japan.

3. Beautiful Manholes

Japan has to have the most beautiful manhole covers in the world.

4. Drink Cans

Drink cans have the brand’s name written in braille on the top. 

5. Etiquette

Etiquette rules are always obeyed!

6. Lost Stuff

This lost bag was placed under a tree with nothing being stolen.

7. Umbrella Lockers

Umbrella lockers ensure that you don’t have to carry them around inside and makes sure that nobody accidentally takes yours.

8. Fishy Drains

Koi live in their drainage channels.

9. Refrigerated Lockers

This shopping center has free refrigerated lockers so you can keep shopping after you get your groceries.

10. Expectations

Expectations always meet reality in Japan.

11. Relaxing Trains

Some trains in Japan are equipped with footbaths so you can have a more relaxing trip.

12. Parking

Almost everyone in Japan reverse parks

13. Fake Food

Restaurants display fake food that looks just like the one you’ll get when you order.

14. Vending Machine

This vending machine is selling fresh farm eggs.

15. Rain Indicator

Some elevators have a signal that lights up if it’s raining outside.

16. Square Watermelons

Square watermelons! Because they fit in the fridge better.

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