How to reset password of TVT DVR (H.264 DVR)

TVT is a Chinese company that manufactures various DVRs, NVRs and cameras which are generally re-branded and sold worldwide. This company is very popular for their low-end CCTV products.

You may have a TVT DVR but you don’t know because there’s no such inscription or logo on the recorder. Usually these DVRs are sold under other brand names such as H.264 DVR, QT DVR, Q-See DVR, analog DVR and numerous other brands. In this article we will show an easy trick how to reset the lost password on a TVT or H.264 DVR.

How to tell if your DVR is manufactured by TVT?

There are a few simple ways to tell. For example check the main menu screen, if it’s the same as the one pictured below, then you have a TVT DVR (H.264 DVR) and you can use the method shown here to quickly reset the password.

If you login on to a TVT DVR via the web browser and see the below shown main screen, then your H.264 DVR is made by TVT and you can use the procedure mentioned here to reset the password.

How to reset the password on H.264 DVR or TVT DVR

Step 1. Go directly to the TV/monitor connected to your H.264 DVR and bring up the login screen. Note: you need to use the monitor to reset the password, it won’t work if you try to reset remotely (or locally) through the web browser.

Step 2. Use the username and master password below to reset the password on your H.264/TVT DVR. Try both accounts and see which one works. If it works, the recorder will reboot.

Username: admin
Password: 6036huanyuan

Username: admin
Password: ttvvtthuanyuan

Step 3. If the password reset went through, your recorder will reboot and when it’s back on you can login with the factory default account:

Username: admin
Password: 123456

Hope this helps.

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